Born in the Congo with a mixture of Greek and Congolese heritage, Soleil started to express her passion for singing in church.  As a young girl in 1993 she caught the eye of many not just for her stunning beauty but also for her passion and energy for singing.

Singing took a back seat for several years as it became impossible for Soleil to hide her unique and stunning beauty from the world.  A career as a fashion model ensued seeing her on the catwalk at Fashion shows around the globe including London Fashion Week. Being a hard working and successful model meant Soleil had little time to pursue her true dream of singing and performing live on stage.  For years instead she would work for top brands in make-up, clothing and accessories.  Soleil was beginning to become a known face in Africa as well as the UK.

It took immense courage for Soleil to change her life focusing instead on her passion for music.  This change and this focus became clear in 2013 when she released her first single ‘Salvation’.  This gospel song played a large part in pushing Soleil forward, especially in the Congo.  Soleil the artist was born.

We fast forward to present day and Soleil is now a mother of a young boy Lord Norfolk.  She has come full circle and is now an ambassador and spokesperson for women all over the world.  She is passionate about helping women especially in her homeland and somehow manages to juggle her rising music career with her charitable and ambassadorial duties.  Her own charity ‘Mother & Children’ in danger is targeted at women in the Congo who face life threatening issues from various causes.

As if this were not enough Soleil is set to launch her own cosmetic brand called: Natural Beauty by Soleil.  A range of products targeted at women who have abused their skin in the past through bleaching.

In her own words Soleil has had to 'endure many things'.  It is her amazing will that drives her to succeed especially through her music.  This energy and passion along with her beauty and talent has endeared Soleil to many.  Her social media fan base is big and continues to grow daily at an impressive rate.  It seems many women from all over the world view Soleil as a role model.

Soleil is passionate about her God and Passionate about people.  This passion flows through her music and we hopefully will all feel the amazing passion of Soleil.

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