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Soleil NgoNga

WACID or Women and Children in Danger is a foundation created by Soleil NgoNga to protect and help women and children in danger in Kinshasa.  There are many abandoned young women and children in Kinshasa.  There are many young women who are pregnant and who cannot get the right antenatal care.


Soleil NgoNga created WACID to help these women, by not only providing clinics where they can have their children, be safe, fed and protected but by also educating these women and their children.


WACID holds events in Kinshasa to raise money and also donate to the poorest and most in need and danger in Kinshasa which is usually the women and the children.


The aim of WACID is to create several centres around Kinshasa to help women and children in danger.


Soleil NgoNga is a hard-working mother herself and wants all mothers and their children to have the benefits that we sometimes take for granted in the West and that she was able to have.  Her passion is to bring this type of care to every woman in Africa starting with those in her home town of Kinshasa.

WACID works in association with Shlepp Entertainment Ltd a unique boutique entertainment company with a charitable heart.



Soleil in Kinshasa

WACID Foundation events

Soleil NgoNga helping mothers and children through her foundation WACID - Women and Children in Africa.  Soleil NgoNga donates food, clothing and support for mothers and children in Kinshasa, helping the poor and those in need.  The foundations goal is to build clinics and centers to support women and children in Kinshasa

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