Episode 3 - Singing and make-up
Episode 2 - Paris calling
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Soleil introduces A little ray of Sunshine TV show
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A little ray of sunshine

A little ray of sunshine TV show starring Soleil NgoNga


Welcome to 'A little ray of sunshine TV show.  A brand new reality TV show starring African Gospel singer, Mentor, philanthropist and mother Soleil NgoNga.


Produced by Shlepp Entertainment and Directed by Stevie Eagle E A little Ray of Sunshine will be a journey into the life of one of Africa's most compelling personalities as she navigates life with her young son on her journey to help others and inspire the young through her love of life, music and social welfare.


Soleil has amassed a loyal and significant following in her journey thus far.  She has become a mentor and icon to thousands around the world.  Her journey has not been an easy one and continues to throw up many challenges but her unique engaging personality and positive nature in the face of all her trials combined with her passion for god and helping others has helped her find a way forward and inspire others in the process.


Now you have the chance to go with Soleil on her journey to spread this sunshine and move forward in her life through her own TV show.  A Tv Show that will show how you can be all you can be while still being true to god, while still being a human being and doing the right things in life.


There will be ups and downs, twists and turns.  This show will really attempt to give true reality.


Life is not easy it throws up many challenges especially if you wish to do it the right way. Get ready for a little Ray of Sunshine starring



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A Little Ray of Sunshine TV Show
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A Little Ray of Sunshine TV Show